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The 2020-2021 School year is now open. New Students and returning students need to first apply for the school year. This is a one time application fee of $30. All courses at all levels have been opened up to register so get your journey started now.

The downloadable section below provides additional details that are extremely helpful.

The Student Web Form area below is all you need to fill out to Apply, Register, Start an Internship, or get documents processed.

The Order Books Button at the top is the online bookstore where all text books can be found.

The overview for the course will be emailed to you directly once registration is submitted and paid for.

Due to Covid-19
• Only 1 Student per desk
• Masks are required while in the facility
• Break time must be taken in the assigned classroom
• Students and Instructors are to bring their own food and drink we will not be providing refreshments other than bottled water, can soda or coffee
• Student and Instructor Surveys will be sent electronically instead of printed.


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